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Play4Cade's spotlight on the Great 98 (98.7 of Mayville)

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Until We Play Again

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About Play 4 Cade

Organ Donor Awareness & Memorial Tournament

Cade began playing ball for his hometown, Rubicon Red at age 7, following in his big brother Cody's footsteps and a long-standing family love of Rubicon Baseball.  Tragically, Cade lost his life March 14, 2017, from injuries sustained from a car accident in his hometown, just before his Pony season was to commence.

Many hearts broke that day but his amazing family found the courage to choose life in death through God's grace and with the WI Donor Network.  Cade was able to give life to four other people with donations of his heart, liver, kidney and kidney/pancreas.  

With Cade's love of sports blazing the way, his sense of humor reminding us to live this life, and a true desire to help others; Play4Cade gives back to local causes, the community and brings awareness for organ donation.  We welcome you to join us in our annual Play 4 Cade Tournament.

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