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Baseball and Bat

Baseball Tournament

THANK YOU for helping us to celebrate Cade’s love of baseball.  Being able to host this tournament means a great deal to us! Your support TRULY means the world to us.


We hope you view this as a weekend to connect, to dust off cleats and to see what your team is in a friendly, sportsmanlike manner.  Please expect Gloria & Tom, Cade’s parents, to personally greet as many of you as they possibly can. Your presence matters. Cade lives on in these boys of summer.


We cannot stress enough that this tournament is for the fun of the game - NOT cut throat and for the glory of what many of us adults tend to bend it.  We get playing to win, but ask that you push that passion back a bit for the weekend to just play some good ol’ fashioned baseball.

This is a chance to be champion sportsmanship players!! We have the whole season to go hard!


Any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask Tanya at 262-894-2742

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